Bertram was more than 30 years older, and had already been divorced three times to women who claimed in court filings that he was abusive and controlling.Investigators determined that Stickney had developed relationships with other men. She was described as a vivacious woman who loved American life.Following her death, Bertram went to the Philippines to meet Stickney’s family. He ended up marrying Stickney’s sister, Melissa del Valle.During a 2014 interview with Guy DiBenedetto, an agent with the Division of Criminal Investigation who was investigating Stickney’s death, Bertram acknowledged the situation was «strange.»»You were engaged,» DiBenedetto said, «she dies and you wind up marrying the sister, I mean for you and me in police work forever, that doesn’t seem too strange to us because we’ve seen stranger things than that.

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